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Sash and Case Windows

GR Window and Door specialists Ltd offer a full restoration, repair and draught-proof service to existing timber box sash and case windows. Adding draught proofing and fully restoring poorly installed sash and case windows can reduce the heat loss by up to 90%. Restoring sash and case windows is a highly skilled job. We provide the highest quality service and use only the best materials. From minor resin repairs, missing putty, and broken panes. Our tradesmen are able to return your windows to their original condition.

Sash and Case Draught Proofing Process

  • Both sashes are carefully removed.
  • New parting beads are fitted down both sides of the sash box.
  • Sashes are routered with a channel for new draught strips. Then fit the carrier and brush strip.
  • Sashes are re-corded and are balanced for a smooth operation and are fitted back into existing frame.
  • New baton rods are fitted with draught strip inserts.
vertical sliding
vertical sliding

Sash and Case Draught Restoration Process

  • Replace any broken glass. Single glazed or double-glazed units.
  • Replace all rotten timber sections.
  • Replacing sashes.
  • Replacing windowsills.
  • Re-balancing and re-weighting windows.
  • Restoring the original sash box.
  • Repointing the original external sand mastic.
  • Replacing ironmongery - pull rings, centre catches, safety locks.
  • Fitting simplex systems to open bottom sash for cleaning purposes if property is off the ground floor.
This leaflet explains why condensation occurs on internal and external surfaces and offers some advice about control