Casement Windows

These can be manufactured as fixed panes with hopper windows above or side opening windows. This can be an advantage if you have blinds directly behind the window.


Tilt and Turn

This style of window is generally fitted to first floor or above within properties but can be fitted anywhere in the property. They can be manufactured as full glass windows or with a dummy transom bar across the middle to give the look of a sash and case window. Our tilt and turn windows also come with concealed gearing so no unsightly hinges are showing at the side of the window. This is a standard feature with our windows unlike most suppliers. Tilt and turn windows can also be classified as fire escape windows and offer the customer an easy option for cleaning.

tilt and turn

Fully Reversible

This type of window is ideal for cleaning as the window flips round to allow cleaning to the outside pane with ease. This is also an advantage if you have blinds that sit directly behind the window. Our fully reversible windows also come with an additional brush strip down the left and right hand side of the window along with weather bars to the top and bottom to help protect and hide the hinges and locking mechanisms. This is standard with our fully reversible windows.


Vertical Sliders

Our vertical sliding windows are manufactured to give the like for like appearance when replacing original timber sash and case windows. Additional features on these windows such as plant on astrigals and run through horns are available on request.

All of our windows are provided with trickle vents, locking handles and our double glazed units are manufactured with low E glass and are argon gas filled.

vertical sliding